This service has been closed.

Implementation overview

We have developed a new WebARENA VPS service that provides easy to deploy ICT platforms with simple functions at a reasonable price.

We are accepting applications for trial users of a free trial service of one plan in advance of our service release in July.
After the launch of the service, we will expand the range of plans and functions to offer even better service.
Take advantage of this opportunity to try the new WebARENA VPS service at a at a free of charge.

Service specifications

Standard functions

Control panel, 1 IPv4 address,
Remote console (planned), DNS (planned), Firewall (planned), API function (planned)


Snapshot (planned), Load balancer (planned), Backup (planned)

* Service specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Price and Period

Application acceptance has been closed.

Price: Free

Trial service period : March 28 to July 31, 2019

The period has been extended.

* 300 free service contracts will be available (Up to one contract per person).
Applications will no longer be accepted once all of the free service contracts have been applied for.
* Information will be provided via the service website and email about paid service before the end of the trial service period.
Ongoing service will not be offered from the trial service.
* When the trial service period ends, the server will be stopped and all data on the server will be deleted.
Please note that it will not be possible to retrieve files, etc., from the server.
* The Provider may extend the service period, or stop or take necessary steps to stop the supply of all or part of the Service
without prior notice.
* The Provider may delete the information presently accumulated or stop relaying or delivering the information without prior notice.


We are administering a questionnaire in order to improve the quality of our service. We would appreciate your cooperation with this questionnaire regarding our trial service.
50 respondents chosen at random will receive Amazon gift cards (equivalent to 1,500 Japanese Yen).

How to apply: Signup this trial service, use the service, and answer the questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire response form displayed after you sign in. Questionnaire responses are only once per person.

Period: We will close the questionnaire as soon as the trial service is over.

Announcement : Winners will receive the Amazon gift card without prior announcement.


I can not sign in WebARENA New VPS trial service. How can I do?
It is necessary to create your account for this service at first.
Please go to the sign up・sign in page and click “Create New Account” button for creating your account.
Creating new account for this service is necessary even though you have been using any other services of NTT PC Communications Inc.
Is customer support offered?
In order to provide this service at a reasonable price, this service has been designed to be usable without the need for customer support.
The service uses an intuitive interface and regularly provides necessary information via the service website, and we will strive to further improve the ease of use of the service.
How can I change my contract information?
Contract information can be changed online. Click here and select the item(s) you wish to change.
Do I need to register my credit card information to use the trial service?
No charges will apply during the trial service period, but you must register your credit card information for personal identification purposes.
How can I connect to an instance?
Click here and login to Control Panel.
Or you can login to Control Panel directly using User Name on your account activation notice mail.
Are there any usage limits?
Up to one contract per person. There is a limit of 3 instances per contract.
As indicated in the usage terms, if a service user fails to satisfy their obligations, the method of using the service is deemed to have the potential to have a significant negative impact on the provision of the service, or the information provided in the application is found to contain falsehoods, the usage contract will be terminated without prior notice.
How many IP addresses are provided for a instance?
Each instance has one IPv4 address.
I can not add SSH Key. How can I do?
SSH Key must be OpenSSH public key. You can not add if other formats or unnecessary strings (space, line feed, etc.) are mixed.
Where can I find information about outages and maintenance work?
See the Maintenance and Service Outages.
What are the general standards of stable instance operation?
With this service, individual physical servers are used to provide virtual private servers to multiple customers.
The following general standards of use have been defined so that all customers can enjoy smooth, problem-free service.

Server type : 512MB
No. of hits per day 50,000 or fewer hits
No. of PVs per day 5,000 or fewer PVs
No. of PVs per hour 200 or fewer PVs
Data transfer per day 10 GB or less
  • * These figures are general usage standards, not limiting values.
  • * When VPS access exceeds general usage standards, service usage may be limited in order to ensure normal system operation.
  • * In addition, if activity which places a heavy load on the service is detected, service usage may be limited in order to ensure normal system operation.
  • * These general usage standards are standards for smooth and problem-free service usage. General usage standards may change depending on load-per-request and tuning.
    These values do not represent service operation guarantees.
  • * The general standard for the number of page views (PVs) is calculated at 10 hits per PV.
    The number of hits per PV may differ depending on the website design.
    "1 hit" refers to the number of times a single file (HTML, GIF, etc.) is requested from the server..
  • E.g.) Accessing a single HTML page which includes seven images, one JS file, and one style sheet ⇒ 10 hits
How can I cancel my contract?
Contracts can be cancelled online during the service period.
Access here.
The contract will be terminated automatically at the end of the trial service period.
How much is the paid service?
We are planning about 250 yen per month for VM plan with 512 MB of memory. Before the trial service ends, we will inform you about the paid service via the service website and email.
Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
There is no SLA for this service.

Maintenance and Service Outages